I’m New

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current government recommendations regarding COVID-19, we have postponed ALL physical meetings (including small groups) until further notice. For the most up to date information check out our Facebook page **

If you’re new with us or if you are thinking about visiting us we know you’ll have some questions. We’ve answered five of our most frequently asked questions here but if theres anything else at all you would like to know, please feel free to contact us!

Q: How do I get there?
A: Our building is located on Sladen Street in Cranbourne but it can be a bit tricky to see straight up from the road. Our driveway is in between Pet Barn and Storage King – and you should see our A-frame as you approach marking the way. As you make your way down the driveway it will open up to a large car park and a number of other businesses. There’s plenty of parking onsite but if you prefer public transport, bus 897 stops a two minute walk away on Sladen Street/Codrington Street.

Q: What time do your services start?
A: Our weekly service starts at 10am every Sunday and our creche, kids and pre teens programs run concurrent to the main service. Our youth services are at 7pm every Friday during school terms.

Q: How do I check in my kids?:
A: CRECHE – If your child is creche aged, you can check them in from up to 10 minutes prior to the service. Simply head through the freedom kids door (its painted like a massive, colourful hot air balloon – you won’t miss it). You will need to sign your child in and fill out a basic info form for your child/children, including a mobile number that we can contact you on during the service if required (for example if your child needs a nappy change or becomes upset). You are also welcome to sit in with your child for the session if you would like to.
PRIMARY & Alight Sundaes (10-15 year olds) – Our primary and Sunday youth programs start part way through our service. Children remain with their parents for the praise & worship (music) section of the service. The service host will announce kids church is starting and all the kids meet at the entrance of the auditorium where the leaders are waiting in blue t-shirts. If your child has never attended our program before, you will need to go with them to sign them in and fill out a basic info card including a mobile number that we can contact you on during the service if required. After their first time you don’t need to go out with them as the leader will take a roll.

Q: Where do I collect my kids?:
A: All children must be signed out by a parent or guardian. As soon as the service finishes head out to the kids hall (the door painted like a giant hot air balloon) where our kids volunteers will help you through the process. Children cannot leave until they have been signed out.

Q: What should I expect?
A: As you walk in our front door you will be greeted by volunteers who would love to show you around and answer any questions you may have. Our services run for 1.5 hours (10am-11:30am) with the exception of Christmas Day and Good Friday which are 1 hour services. We do collect an offering each week however we do not expect or pressure guests to give, we also collect a special missions offering once a month (usually the first Sunday of the month) which goes towards local and international projects. And if you visit us on a special event weekend (Australia Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Easter) we will have a totally different creative service for the whole family to enjoy!