Discovery & Development


At Freedom we are committed to training and development. We believe in individuals and don’t believe there is a one size fits all program, therefore we set everyone up with an individual pathways program. We have a weekly Christian education program which trains our new believers from conversion right through to leadership development and everything in between – including support programs. We are also committed to training our leadership and our department ministries. Our leadership training, internship, mentoring and Pastoral training programs will equip leaders and people involved in ministry to be the person God called them to be.

Alpha is a fantastic opportunity for unchurched people to come into a group without making any kind of formal Church commitment. They can explore the option of Christianity and the existence of God in a casual setting over some delicious food and a lovely cup of coffee with other people who are asking the same kinds of questions. With humour, sincerity and reliable information Alpha helps us to explore some of those difficult questions. There are no expectations, just good honest discussions and a lot of laughing! Come along and see how much fun you can have and how many friends you can make at Alpha.