I see a church…


I see a Church….

Where people are regularly given the opportunity to be set free by the power of the Holy Spirit…to New Life in Christ…where people are born again every week, baptisms happen every month and people regularly make sincere decisions to become followers of Christ.

I see a Church where people are filled with the Holy Spirit; miraculously released from life controlling problems; where strongholds are broken and the power of sin, death and the devil is demolished; where broken hearts are healed and families are restored and hope is renewed…by the amazing person and work of God the Holy Spirit.

I see a Church….

Where people are FREE to GROW and HEAL; where they are radically transformed to be like Jesus and continually changing to live authentic Christian lives.

I see a Church where people can learn, grow and heal through the anointed teaching and preaching of Scripture; where they can experience the presence of the Holy Spirit; where miracles can occur regularly and where a supernatural exchange takes place. I see a Church that values the dynamic work, power and presence of God the Holy Spirit and where and the impossible becomes the possible.

I see a Church with a powerful Christian education program from new believers and enquirers right up to mature believers and leaders

I see a Church where people are able to heal and recover emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically; a place that offers hope for broken people and people who have experienced abuse and loss. Freedom offers FREEDOM for people to grow, heal and recover through all the negative and destructive issues and influences of their past.

I see a Church….

Where people are Free to live their God given purpose and destiny…where they are encouraged and inspired to live their dreams, trained, equipped and enabled to be the person who God has called them to be; growing in their individual gifts. Ordinary people achieving the extraordinary. I see a Church that is committed to helping people live with purpose and vision.

I see a Church….

Where people are inspired, challenged and released to become people of influence who will change the world around them; where people demonstrate the passionate and unconditional love of God by loving and reaching others so that they can become SET FREE. I see a Church where everyone becomes a person of influence; sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ both inside and outside the Church; where the walls of the Church disappear. I see a Church where every believer is equipped to make a difference for the glory of God and the extension of His magnificent Kingdom.

I see a Church…that grows large enough to plant many other Churches in a Freedom Network.

I believe that Freedom Christian Church will become large enough to hold several multiple services each week. This will result in releasing people, leaders, workers and musicians to plant a Church in an area where there is now no existing Pentecostal ACC Church.

These new Church plants will become a part of the Freedom Network of Churches. They will be supported by the main Freedom Church until they are able to grow to have their own senior leadership team and board. However, their vision, values and culture will be the same as Freedom CC and they will relate to the Freedom network in an ongoing way. There will be one main oversight for all the Churches, but each new Church will be working towards becoming mostly autonomous.

Ps Lorri Kruithoff