Our Vision


Our vision statement here is simple; Freedom for New Life, Growth, Purpose and Influence. But what does it all mean?


Once people enter into New Life, our vision is to help them grow to become strong disciples. This gift of New Life is both a precious gift and a responsibility. Peter the apostle compares it to the new born baby who only drinks milk to help him grow. (1 Peter 2:2) He says we need to “crave” this milk to help us grow in our salvation.

Sometimes new believers make decisions to follow Christ and may even learn about aspects of Christianity but they often don’t fully grow into maturity because their foundational spiritual training has been inadequate. This makes it very difficult for them to grow spiritually. The fact is that unless we put down a solid foundation we will never be able to build anything significant in our lives and God’s plan is for us to become strong, mature people of influence

As a Church we take our responsibility to our people very seriously with regard to their spiritual progress. We offer a very detailed “New life” study course.


When it comes to spiritual growth, God is supremely interested in two areas of our life. One is FAITH and one is CHARACTER. Most of what we endure in life is growing us in faith and character. At Freedom we offer opportunities through programs, small groups, specialized studies and coaching for people to grow in these two areas. God’s plan for us is to become strong committed and mature disciples.

Sometimes our growth is hindered or delayed because of “stuff” in our life that causes brokenness and prevents us from going forward. Stuff that is a result of past wounds, painful experiences, loss, disappointments, conflicts and more. At Freedom, we offer many different programs and opportunities for healing. We also offer professional counselling. We have a trained Christian counsellor and a Christian Psychologist who both work at Freedom. Information about appointments can be obtained by phoning 5995 2005.

Our mandate is to see people living a life of FREEDOM and all that means. “Who the Son sets free is free indeed!”


The Bible makes it very clear that we were each created and destined on purpose for purpose. We can discover, develop and increase our purpose, or we can go through life and completely miss our God-given purpose altogether. This means we will never know the joy or the fulfilment that living and working in our “calling” can bring. Someone once said, God came up with a plan and then He created you to fulfil that plan.
Unfortunately, some believers don’t understand their gift or they don’t know how to use their gift. People are often too busy or they don’t see the value of the talent they have or they don’t believe they have any talent. People with musical ability or leadership gifts are often very happy to be involved, but people with gifts like encouragement or the ability to make a house look great or simpler gifts, often don’t understand how powerful their gift is or how their gift contributes to the effective running of a Church. Nor do they understand that by using their gift, they make it grow and increase. Luke 16:10 teaches us this.

There is a very powerful example of synergy in the Bible – written thousands of years before synergy was ever really understood or discovered. Deuteronomy 32:30 shows us this picture of synergy. By working together, using our gifts, the Church can be so much more powerful and dynamic than if we walk in isolation. We were meant to use our gifts together to make the Church stronger and its impact so much greater. The simple truth of the matter is that the Church needs you and your gift.

Freedom offers “Purpose Training” as a part of our Vision Training course. At the “on Purpose” Lunch you will be given the opportunity to discover your gifts and learn more about your personality type. We then assist you to be placed into a role of your choice, so that you can be who God called you to be.


When we become Christians, we become a part of Christ’s mission in the world. Some of us have a genuine evangelistic gift and some not so much, but we have all been given the “ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Corinthians 5:16-21). There has been so much debate and misunderstanding about personal evangelism over the years with some people believing that it is only those with an evangelistic gift who should be witnessing and telling others about Christ and the rest of us simply live good lives so that others see that we are different.

However, the Bible makes it clear that we all have a gift of reconciling people back to God. Whilst this is true, it is also true that we are all different and we all have different gifts and different ways of expressing this gift. As far as God’s mission is concerned, we are all meant to become people of influence.

Freedom offers the opportunity to assist you to have influence and to be an influence on the world around you. You were destined to change your world. This sounds like a mammoth task, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, it is really very simple. We will show you how to become a person of influence who can change the world and make a difference for the kingdom of God and it can actually be FUN.