About Us

Welcome to Freedom!

Our vision here at Freedom is simple; to be a Church that leads people to find Freedom for New Life, Growth, Purpose & Influence. This is the Church I see.

I see a Church where people are regularly given the opportunity to be set free by the power of the Holy Spirit and find New Life in Christ.

I see a Church where people are filled with the Holy Spirit; miraculously released from life controlling problems; where strongholds are broken and the power of sin, death and the devil is demolished; where broken hearts are healed and families are restored and hope is renewed by the amazing person and work of God the Holy Spirit. I see a Church where people are radically transformed to be like Jesus and continually changing to live authentic Christian lives. I see a Church where people can learn, grow and heal through the anointed teaching and preaching of Scripture.

I see a Church that values the dynamic work, power and presence of God the Holy Spirit and where and the impossible becomes the possible; where miracles can occur regularly and where a supernatural exchange takes place.

I see a Church where people are Free to live their God given purpose and destiny; where they are encouraged and inspired to live their dreams, trained, equipped and enabled to be the person who God has called them to be; growing in their individual gifts. Ordinary people achieving the extraordinary. I see a Church that is committed to helping people live with purpose and vision.

I see a Church where people are inspired, challenged and released to become people of influence who will change the world around them; where people demonstrate the passionate and unconditional love of God by loving and reaching others so that they can in turn become set free. I see a Church where every believer is equipped to make a difference for the glory of God and the extension of His magnificent Kingdom.

Our Team

Ps Lorri Kruithoff
Senior Pastor

Ps Deepraj Achadoo
Creative Pastor

Ps Kim Parsons
Associate Pastor

Ps Andrew Tinsley
Pastoral Care Pastor

Ps Kevin O'Neill
Purpose Pastor

Shelley Waterston
Youth Director

Our Programs

Freedom Kids

We want your kids to love church!

Our bright and energetic kids team run three fantastic services for kids which run throughout the entire morning service.  We are passionate about seeing our children grow into a healthy and loving relationship with Christ in a safe and fun environment.


Alight Youth

Our youth leaders are passionate about creating a safe place where teenagers can belong and grow together every Friday at 7pm during school terms.

Young Adults kick back with lots of food, great coffee and great conversation 7:30pm every Thursday during school terms.


A babies main way of learning and developing is through play. Milky-Tots is a free playgroup where carers of young children within the community can come together and participate in a group program of play, songs and stories that lays the foundation for your babies language, thinking, motor skills as well as social and emotional development.


Freedom Ladies

Throughout the year our mens and womens ministries run regular events that are based around great food, coffee, fun activities and inspirational speakers.


Freedom Men

Throughout the year our mens and womens ministries run regular events that are based around great food, coffee, fun activities and inspirational speakers.


Small Groups

We have small groups that run at different times and locations throughout the week. To find a group that suits you best send us an email or grab a brochure from the info desk after the Sunday service.


Freedom Centre

Freedom Centre is dedicated to equipping those within the church and the local community.  Our passion is to assist you to discover your possibilities through professional counselling, educational seminars/workshops and support groups.


Discovery & Development

At Freedom we are committed to training and development. We believe in individuals and don’t believe there is a one size fits all program, therefore we set everyone up with an individual pathways program.


Freedom Missions

Here at Freedom we believe in the mission of the local church within our local community, our nation and the world. We support a range of missions programs and missionaries throughout these areas.